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Small droplets that are created via ultrasound change the way dough is proved and, as a result, help to cut energy costs. She investigates food and toxins, willpower and brain power. She finds out if resisting temptation makes us more successful and whether or not it's true that we should never go to bed angry.

  • Ощутив боль в плече, он закричал - игуана запустила туда свои зубы - и стал размахивать руками, пытаясь стряхнуть с себя создание.
  • А чего, буду выполнять, - ответил Макс, подмигнув Эпонине.
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  • Мы с Ричардом были такими друзьями.
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  • Он бухнул кулаком по ближайшему столу и, не говоря более ни слова, рухнул в кресло, прикрыв лицо ладонями.
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Presenting the latest in technology and research, it goes behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of life around us. In this episode we travel to the Aosta Valley in Italy where existing prototypes are being tested. In order to come up with an answer, the researchers of the Braavo project are testing the first prototypes of unmanned surveying vessels.

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Jack meets a police super-recogniser and a man who is unable to recognise faces- even those of his family and his own reflection! Magician Pete tests how good you are at remembering faces.

Informacinis dokumentas Nr. EurLex-2 This database or alternative accessible format shall comprise the VIN, Original Equipment OE parts numbers, OE naming of the parts, validity attributes valid-from and valid-to datesfitting attributes and, where applicable, structuring characteristics.

Did You KnowDokumentika Wood heating has become high-tech! See how technology has improved this ancient means of keeping you warm. European engineers are looking for innovative ways to balance environmental concerns with safety requirements. And how can EU member states better coordinate their research efforts in such challenging environments? Did You KnowDokumentika Veil coin mining and humans find ways to deal with extreme cold.

See what happens to the body in freezing temperatures and discover the latest innovations in clothing to keep us warm. Through electrodes that are placed on the scalp, user intentions are transformed into electronic commands.

Did You Know veil coin mining, Dokumentika A new diet trend is the diet. What is it? Is it more effective than other diets? Can it help us avoid the famous "yoyo effect"? Pretty cool? Did You KnowDokumentika Science looks at the secrets behind sugar: in our diet, in our tastebuds and behind the scenes at a sugar factory. Did You KnowDokumentika Science is not confined to the laboratory: it has given us great inventions that make daily life easier — at home and on the go.

Also explore the mechanisms of touch — heat, pain, cold, pressure and physical contact. Did You KnowDokumentika Science puts our human flaws under the microscope: Why we lie, why we get lazy and why we eat when we're not even hungry. Find out why you might need to check it out on the scale rather than judge by appearance.

Did You Veil coin mining Communication comes in a variety of forms: spoken, written and Historians and scientists present languages. Did You KnowDokumentika Curiosity, extreme sports and thrill rides have an effect on our bodies. Scientists and engineers explain how.

Explore how some people who have had their limbs amputated still feel their missing limbs, and try out the Phantom Limb Illusion.

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Did You KnowDokumentika They are often pictured dressed in animal skins and living in caves, but Cro-Magnon man was more advanced than popular opinion suggests. Did You KnowDokumentika Science meets beauty with the background story behind great hair, skin and the perfect perfume.

Did You KnowDokumentika The world of medicine is changing due to technology, but alternative methods can also have a positive impact. Also find out if men or women have a keener sense of smell. In order to find out, he builds a bridge with noodles, walks on egg shells, and learns everything about triangles. To find out prekybos galimybės ir mokesčiai it's possible to take off on a surface that's so slippery, she lifts a soda bottle with rice grains and makes her very own hoovercraft.

Link demonstrates how to prepare pickling veil coin mining as well as vegetables themselves. Pickles are something Captain Cook is all too familiar with, as pickles were a way of keeping pirate grub from spoiling. They don't find it, but on the way they learn many things, and survive the adventure.

They travel to Africa to find Mr. Kurtz, who works for the same company as Marlow. When they arrive, they find that he has gone crazy.

Тогда настал бы хаос. К тому же, вы едва ли поверили бы. Мы спасли с Рамы тысячи существ, большая часть которых почти наверняка погибла бы в межвидовой войне, если бы мы не вмешались.

She learns that meteorologists use lots of different equipment, including satellites, thermometers and anemometers. They were discovered in by Wilhelm Röntgen and helped medicine make a great leap forward.

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When we look at an X-Ray image we can see shadows of the objects the x-ray passes through, like superheroes. Did You KnowDokumentika Maddie looks at musical instruments. She finds out how a piano works, and how the keys are attached to levers and hammers. Next, Maddie visits a factory to see how a drum is made from lots of thin wooden sheets pressed together and shaped in a circular mold.

Did You KnowDokumentika Maddie is out and about exploring different ways to travel. She learns how a bus ramp works to help people get on and off the bus. Next, Maddie joins a road-building team to see how asphalt is laid. He uses his last power to get there. Before he passes out, Kit finds a little fellow whom he calls Mr. Battery becomes Kit's friend and savior.

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Battery meet an old robotic spacecraft — Voyager. He is tired so they cheer him up and give him new energy. Voyager is homesick and wants to return to Earth.

Kit and Mr. Battery have a hard time catching up with him and persuade him to continue his mission. But what is the essence of light?

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Albert Einstein appears riding on a cloud of photons and narrates how a schoolboy's concern led to the discovery of the Universe's most amazing phenomenon… MathXplosion MathXplosionVisai šeimai, Trumpametražinis, In this episode mathemagician Eric learns about exponents and is amazed by how quickly growth occurs when powers are involved. Can he turn one gold coin into more than one billion coins in just one month?

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Is it magic … or is it math?! It generates patterns of muscle veil coin mining and promotes secretion of chemicals called hormones. This central control is what enables a quick and coordinated response to changes in the environment. The colours are caused by heat loving organisms known as Cyanobacteria and various other bacteria and organisms which contain different types of coloured chemicals.

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He shows how to make a water and gravity-powered boat based on Newton's Third Law. He maxes the experiment out with the help of Archimedes. He finds out they happen when the wind starts rotating really fast in a vortex — a whirlpool shape. Then he learns how to make a tornado using recycled plastic bottles. Operation Ouch! Xand's body bacteria, and show what to do if someone breaks their leg. Chris meets a man with a bionic eye. In the emergency room, one patient has been injured doing handstands, and another has a badly broken arm Make Me a Super Make Me a Super Eureka Girl, Doc K and Nash go in search of the power of regeneration.

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They meet a worm more powerful than Deadpool and Wolverine, and a scientist who managed to grow a whole new brain. They discover a world of great food, fabrics and the first pair of pyjamas. They play a sitar, dance, and find cool ways to lower the temperature. Then it traps them and covers them in pollen before veil coin mining them off to bring the pollen to other yams. Link throws in a bonus science experiment to discover why veil coin mining pineapple based gelatin doesn't set as well as other fruits.

Today they are on the trail of a Great White Shark. From the research boat they spot a massive five-meter shark, one of the biggest ever seen at Bird Island.

She tries to save money for new number plates by becoming a Teenage Boss veil coin mining managing her family's budget for a month. In this episode, he experiments veil coin mining lenses and builds a projector for his smartphone.

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Will he succeed? She creates a storyboard about a dancing robot named Judge. Then they use motion capture to turn Mikaela's movements into dance moves for Judge. He shows her how ice cream is made and helps her create her very own Ooey Gooey Marshmallow flavour. Then he tries to make one big enough to ride. Can the Science Max build team find a big enough balloon?

Just as we use language to communicate with other people, there are lots of different programming or "coding" languages to talk to computers. Chris and Dr. Xand show how big your lungs really are and why you need to cough. Dr Chris tries to solve a crime with a Forensics expert. Xand reveal why you need different shaped teeth.

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They visit the emergency department and Šnipų pasirinkimo sandorių valandos Chris joins the Royal Airforce to find out what it's like to look after patients in the back of a plane that doubles as a mobile military veil coin mining.

Did You KnowDokumentika Maddie visits a library to learn how all the different types of books are stored in different sections.

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Then she uses her special cameras to show how the librarian helps us find a book in the library. Next, she visits a factory to discover books are made!