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How to securely store your currencies on your own?

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Paskutinis atnaujinimas: September 21, The main solution is cold storage Cold storage in the context of cryptocurrencies refers to keeping a cryptocurrency offline. Most of the cryptocurrencies have a public wallet address which is needed to receive money and it can be freely shared without any risk like a bank account number.

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The other part is a wallet file encrypted with a password which is used to transfer money like physical keys from a safe - it needs to be secure. This can be easily done on any computer using a bootable live usb stick with linux OS. Methods of cold storage include keeping cryptocurrencies: On a USB drive or other data storage medium in a safe place e.

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On a paper wallet. On a bearer item such as a physical bitcoin or monero.

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Online, but on encrypted media where the encryption key is offline. Use of Hardware wallets. Deep cold storage refers to keeping cryptocurrencies offline, using a method that makes retrieving coins from storage significantly more bitcoin org safe than sending them there.

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This could be done for safety's sake, such as to prevent theft or robbery. A simple example of deep cold storage is opening a safe deposit box and putting a USB stick containing an encrypted Bitcoin wallet file in it. The public sending addresses can be used any time to send additional Bitcoins to the wallet, but spending the Bitcoins would require physical access to the box in addition to knowledge of the encryption password.

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